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从乔治到莱昂纳德 为什么湖人一再沦为巨星垫脚石


两年前,不是非湖人的保罗乔治去了雷霆队。今年夏天“回家”的凯 - 伦纳德仍然在正式宣布前两个小时向湖人队询问,但是去了湖人队。在同一个城市,快船,湖人队作为“超级巨星收割者”已经多次变成了“超级明星的垫脚石”,为什么呢?


湖人队是NBA历史上最受欢迎的球员。他们多次引入超级巨星。 “篮球皇帝”张伯伦,“天佑”卡里姆,“大鲨鱼”奥尼尔等划时代的球员都加入了湖人队的巅峰。即便是德怀特霍华德在离开主队之后的第一选择就是湖人队;但是今天,湖人已经成为超级巨星使用的跳板:两年前,保罗 - 乔治队迫使步行者队的管理人员公开表示湖人队没有上场,但最终还是去了雷霆并以免费续约雷霆队。一年后代理;今年夏天伦纳德的许多要求让他觉得他要来湖人队,但最终大家都知道湖人队只是伦纳德的最后一个备用轮胎。湖人队的超级巨星神圣之地已经成为超级巨星们使用的不幸之物。为什么?




Pieces. But why did the Lakers who once had a brilliant team history now fall into the possession and even play by opponents? Moreover, this summer, Durant and Irving joined the Nets and Leonard joined the Clippers just stopped last season in the first round of the playoffs, not a strong team.


Certainly someone will say that it is because of the existence of James, especially when James talked about Leonard's joining the phrase "The Lakers will be yours two years later" and gave people a good deal. After all, James Black Hole's general gas field and ball It’s true that the wind has caused the teammates to eclipse, but don’t forget that Devin Wade and James are very good and lead the Heat to the finals for four consecutive years and win the championship. Don’t forget that James and Kyrie Irving helped the Cavaliers win. The only championship trophy in the history of the team, these cases show that you can be successful with James.


The disappointment of many Lakers fans is not only that the Lakers have been played by stars such as George and Leonard, but also more desperate. This summer, many All-Star free agents have never even considered the Lakers, including Durant. Many of the players who are coveted by the Lakers have not even given the Lakers a chance to recruit. Where is the root cause? The management of the Lakers has been confusing since Jerry Bassin’s death! A few years ago, fans also questioned the ability of Jim Bass, but Jenny Bass, who won the family fight, was not much better. The layman and the crony, led Jenny’s team to make a mess. This is The roots of the Lakers’ rise are in the foreseeable future. Such a Laker, who can be used as a stepping stone by a superstar, is already a good step; such a Laker, James and Davis are not moving; such a Laker has broken the hearts of the fans; such a Laker, still How many “heritage” can be squandered?